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Spring, Summer & Winter Camp

Inspiring fun, spirit, respect, and an inclusive community, the seasonal camps at Ultimate Academy Camp (meaning heart/mind/body) entices campers to return year after year. It also attracts new families looking for quality summer activities.  The Ultimate Academy camp has provided intensive karate training for all levels of students - white belt to black belt, as well as, structured and non-structured outdoor recreation and field trips to the popular Miami area.

Forty children, ages 5 to eighth graders, attend each of the Nine 9-week sessions in our summer camps. Some are new to Ultimate Academy and martial arts training, others have attended our camp previously, and many are our current students.

Young teens ages 12 through 8th grade are counselors in training. They receive leadership training, in addition to enjoying all the other activities. Some of these include First aid, conflict resolution, respectful communication and problem solving/mediation are among the skills they learn at Ultimate Academy.  They also help carry equipment, apply sun screen, search for lost lunches and perform countless tasks needed to make Ultimate Academy successful. Adored by the younger campers and appreciated by staff for all of their hard work, they wear their t-shirts with pride and enthusiasm.

Another layer of leadership is provided by older high school and college aged adult ranked black belt counselors. They work closely with our professional teaching staff, learning how to develop class plans and lead group activities. Each morning, campers meet for team time, in which small groups of kids approximately the same age, led by counselors gather to discuss the day's events and get to know each other. The sweet intimacy of these team meetings helps the children feel comfortable and confident at the Camp. Ultimate Academy nourishes deep and lasting friendships.

Ultimate Academy of  Martial Arts Camps offer quality martial arts instruction and a rigorous training schedule that facilitates remarkable growth in students of all levels. Their personal relationship to Ultimate Academy deepens and their understanding of their art broadens as they explore other traditional weapons, participate in kata and sparring, learn board breaking and take a Tae Kwon do class every morning, 5 days a week. Our code of ethics - love, respect, non-quitting spirit, courage and responsibility - permeates the day's activities, providing a safe and secure place for each and every camper at Ultimate Academy of Martial arts.


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